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My Gift Lvl 9999 Unlimited Gacha Chapter 112






















Why will you enjoy reading My Gift LVL 9999 Unlimited Gacha?

You may think they are strictly reserved for the Japanese, retarded teenagers, or adults with a touch of perversity? Wrong: these funny comics, conceived as novels, put in scene the whole range of our emotions and our values. Read, dream and… meditate.
These are some reasons why you should read My Gift LVL 9999 Unlimited Gacha!

For most of us, the manga will remind us of TV series we watched between snacks and homework time when we were little. From Candy, Goldorak, or Albator, you only have the memory of silly plots and fights between giant robots or space buccaneers.

Manga lets you fell into the pot when you were little and never come out of it. Like My Gift LVL 9999 Unlimited Gacha is a popular manga that can be classified in action, adventure, fantasy, harem, isekai and magic genres. The manga is written by MGL9U. 32 Chapters of My Gift LVL 9999 Unlimited Gacha were translated and translations of other chapters are in progress. The story is about a human boy named Light who is kicked out from the adventurer party called the “Race Union(gathering of races)” by his trusted comrades. There are 9 races in this world: human race, beast race, dragon race, elf race, dwarf race, demon race, cenetur, ghoul, dark elf. The human race is looked down on and discriminated against in this world as the “most inferior”.

If you are hesitating between fascination and repulsion, get rid of your preconceptions. Some manga authors are masters of subtlety, travelers of the intimate and popular throw their manga writing. For instance, “George Morikawa”, “Keisuke Itagaki”, “Yoichi Takahashi”, “Hirohiko Araki”, “Masashi Kishimoto”, “Yoshihiro”, “Osamu Tezuka”, “Akira Toriyama”, and “Naoki Urasawa” are the most popular and richest manga authors.

Reasons why you should read My Gift LVL 9999 Unlimited Gacha manga online?

Reason 1: you can read manga for absolutely free online: My Gift LVL 9999 Unlimited Gacha chapter 1.

Reason 2: You will be expanding your horizons, boosting your imagination, and having a new passion in your free time.
Reason 3: Pretty visuals. Mangaka can take the general aesthetics of the manga art style and add flair to it. And sometimes, the mangaka can make the normally cutesy art and turn it into something brilliant. Like pretty much anything drawn by Jun Mochizuki, Eiichiro Oda, Osamu Tezuka, or is brilliant.
Reason 4: My Gift LVL 9999 Unlimited Gacha is compatible with kids. You can enjoy reading the manga, and don’t get embarrassed letting your children underaged read it also.
Reason 5: an anime is available for the manga. So you can also enjoy watching the anime after reading My Gift LVL 9999 Unlimited Gacha manga.

History of Manga

In Japan, one billion manga books are sold per year, and everything is allowed. There is a manga about golf, a manga about cooking, a sake factory, manga from history, on housewives, on steelworkers. The manga multiplies the points of view through an infinity of glances.
In fact, “mangas” appeared in Japan in the 13th century. Their ancestors were called “Emakimonos”. These paper or silk scrolls were illustrated and calligraphed by hand to tell a story. However, it is only after the Second World War that this art will evolve and become more democratic.
Indeed, the post-war period will lead to a strong American influence in Japan, especially with the importation of comics. It is from 1947 that the manga will be modernized with Osamu Tezuka, today considered as the “God of Manga”. He will be at the origin of the techniques and codes of manga that we know today.